Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Jan. Journal

Dear Friends:

I hope that all you of are enjoying the new year that God has blessed us with. I am sorry that it has been so long since I have written but I would love to take this time to update you guys on what has been happening.

The first week in December, Jessica and I celebrated our fourth year of marriage. We did not do anything extravagant but more or less took the time just to let each other know how much we love each other. It crossed both of our minds that there are a lot of husbands and wives that are still separated because of the issues over seas and how blessed we are to be together. Please don’t let a day go by without praying for our men and women in uniform! As Christians we need to be praying for our Country and its leaders.

The second weekend we celebrated our first year anniversary of solo ministry. The homecoming which was held in Gadsden was great. The Greenes from Boone, NC joined us and boy did we have a good time. I want to thank all of you that attended that night and pray those of you that were not able to come can come next year. Be sure to watch for updates on the website for upcoming events and next year’s anniversary concert.

The Christmas season is always a fun time around our house. Jessica and I like to decorate everything! I have to tell you about our most favorite decoration though. On the side of our hill we put up three crosses. The two crosses on each side have white lights on them and the one in the center has purple lights with white lights mingled in. Our hope is that people will realize that Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus’ birth, but He did a lot more for us than just be born. I am so thankful to Christ that He was willing to bear my cross for me!

We brought in the New Year at Iduma Methodist Church. We were able to be in the altar at midnight and bring in the New Year in prayer. My prayer for this year is that God will use this ministry in a mighty way, that many souls will be saved and Christians will shine brighter! I hope that my life will shine so bright for Christ that no matter where I am folks can tell that I have Christ’s love in my heart! It’s not about what we are but all about what He has done! I am nothing without Christ but through Him I can do all things!

During the first few weeks of this year I began to search for answers to a few questions that I had about the ministry. Have you ever just wanted to make sure that you were exactly where God wanted you? After much prayer God showed me that solo ministry is where He wants me. During the last of the part of the year, Rick Frances, from the Eddie Crook Company contacted me for a meeting, and after a few weeks of putting it off Jessica and I finally met with them on January 7. This whole time we had been praying for God to open doors that we knew only He could. After much prayer we felt that this meeting was exactly where God was leading so I signed an exclusive recording/writing contract with MorningStar/Signature Records. Jessica and I both are really looking forward to being a part of the Eddie Crook Company family. We are so excited about this another door opened by our Heavenly Father.

In closing, we are now booking full-time for church services, revivals, youth rallies, and any other venue. If you would like booking information please contact our ministry at 256-396-1222. THM is a faith based ministry and travels on a Love Offering basis.
We can’t to see all of you again soon! May God continue to bless each of you!

Working Till He Comes;

Terry Helms